What if you break free from the dysfunctional patterns in your story and bring freedom to a broken and hurting world?

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Have You Asked These Questions?
  • How can I help heal the brokenness I see in my church, community, and home? 
  • How can I heal from the damage people in the church have caused me? 
  • Why do I feel so overwhelmed when people come to me with hard emotions? 
  • If this is the abundant life in Christ, then why does it feel so hard? 
  • What do I do with the pain in my story? 
Meet Your Lead Instructor,

Karrie Garcia

Growing up, the hurt and pain in my family’s story was hidden behind Bible memory verses, church services, and performance. I watched my mom serve the church as my dad pastored on Sunday only to come home and hide her pain with an eating disorder through the week. After a lifetime of concealing and dismissing the hurt in her story, my mom took her own life.

The anger and fear I felt as a witness to this left me feeling hopeless. Just like my mom, this led me down a pathway of various addictions to fill the void in my heart. In the aftermath of drug addiction, a failed marriage, and broken ministry, I considered ending my own life, too. 

God met me in my brokenness with one question, “What would it look like to be honest?” 

This question was the catalyst to a lifelong pursuit of true freedom in my story and has defined my work as a pastor, coach, author, and speaker for the last 28 years. 

To see true change in the world around us, we need more than behavior modification. We need heart transformation!

We equip people to transform their conversations in their churches and communities by being Trauma-Informed, Spirit-Filled, and Biblically Sound.
What Will I Learn?

Our goal is to help you move toward God in your story so you can go with God into your communities, churches, and homes to do the same for others.  

This online cohort will take you through practices like story work, emotional literacy, spiritual formation, and transformational conversations. 

We will help you relieve the pressure to fix yourself or other people, which will allow you to become more curious about what's being said by using powerful questions and listening skills.

These tools will help you connect to the deeper needs beneath the surface of behavior that will ultimately move you and others toward the hope God has for them.

As you take this journey for yourself, God will reveal how your story equips you for a God-given assignment. 


What Will Be Covered In This Online Membership?


Biblically Based Interactive Coaching

Emotional Literacy

Story Work

Intuitive Listening Skills

Trauma-Informed Goal Setting and Accountability

Spiritual Formation



Transformational Questions

and so much more! 

Freedom Movement Has Three Core Belief Pillars...

Biblically Sound 

We believe every word of Scripture is living and active, breathed out by God, written and preserved by human writers, and inspired by the Holy Spirit (Hebrews 4:12, 2 Timothy 3:16-17, 2 Peter 1:21). Every page, from cover to cover, is given that we might know God (Matthew 4:4). Nothing you are doing, have done, or will do renders you ineligible for the good news of the gospel (1 Timothy 2:3-4).



We believe in the person and power of the Holy Spirit who equips us to understand the words He has already inspired in scripture and live out the calling God gives to each of us. Transformation in our lives and the lives of others is initiated, sustained, and completed by the Holy Spirit. (2 Timothy 3:16, Matthew 28:16-20, John 14:26).



Trauma-informed care asks the relational question, “What’s happened to you?” instead of the solution-oriented question, “What’s wrong with you?” We all have a story of brokenness that needs tending. In order to see complete healing in our lives and the lives of others, there must be an atmosphere of safety that nurtures God’s work of restoration. 

Trauma-informed care in the church aims to help people understand God’s meaning and purpose in their lives, fulfill the unique roles God designed them for, and see themselves as more than the brokenness in their story. This work requires patience, care, and connection. It does not dismiss or diminish the trauma done. When the love of God is welcomed in to tend to the places of harm in our story, our pain becomes our purpose.

Free People, Free People.
"This work will help you walk in freedom and return to your original design."

Diving into your past trauma to identify where the enemy has attacked your identity will open you up to true transformation and healing. Karrie's work has helped me and my church reestablish our identity in Christ and walk in true freedom. 


"I am growing deeper relationships with God and others."

Freedom Movement has helped me learn how to offer up my emotions to God and take the time to allow God to heal the broken parts in my life. Doing this has changed the way I communicate with others, the way that I process, and the way that I form relationships personally and professionally.  I am ditching insecurity and embracing the authority that God has given me in the way I'm leading my business." 


"I'm maximizing my work as a coach with better ways to help people grow."

This work enabled me to find healing and hope for my own story and helped me understand how God works in the lives of others.

The tools I gained have made a significant difference in both my personal and professional life. It has helped me be a more whole and connected wife, mom, and coach.


In a world in desperate need of connection, there has never been a better time to transform your conversations than now.
Are You Ready?
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  • Access to the "Transform Your Conversations" course material, including 5 hours of training and a 30 page guide.

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